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Our Single Moms Empowerment Project aims to provide economic empowerment to marginalized low-income women who are living below the national poverty line, domestic violence victims, homeless and unemployed, African American and Hispanic, and immigrants. The need is urgent according to the 2016 U.S. Census Bureau, considering nearly half of the 9,781,000 single-mother led families to earn an annual income of less than $25,000. 




During the year 100 struggling single mothers will go through 76 hours of training (plus an eight-hour clinical practice) to become certified home health aides before receiving job placement assistance at respectable home healthcare agencies. And, 100 struggling single mothers will take a 95-hour training (plus a 30-hour internship) to become certified NYS nursing aides. 
This particular project aims to fill in the gap for those women who are unable to secure sponsorship through an agency. Single mothers with multiple children are the women least likely to qualify for an agency sponsorship due to their background or availability to commit to a sole agency. 

By partnering with other not-for-profit organizations and healthcare agencies in NYC, we create employment opportunities for our community and aide as their open the door to financial freedom.
The work that we do at Project You Inc. is extremely critical to ensure the economic success of struggling single mothers in New York City.  Because single mothers are such a large percentage of female-headed households, we have to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed in the workforce.  We believe that the path to financial empowerment is carved when economic opportunities are presented.  We need your support to execute our mission and make the world a more sustainable, decent place for single mothers and their children. 

Are you looking for stable Job, then this is the perfect time to start working on you career in the most demanding Healthcare field. 

If you have you have any questions or you want to join our program please feel free to contact us: 718.382.4424

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